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12.21.00- *blows dust off everything* i haven't done anything at all with this site lately, but now that i'm off on winter break and bored to hell, i think i will. still working on the episode summaries, i think if i get bored enough i'm gonna do shrines for all the charachters, and also, i'm gonna find the episode scripts somewhere, and putting in all the audience comentary (think mystery science theatre, but better) i'll do somefin' wif' it.

11.25.00- back from NY, (of course, i'm leaving town again next weekend for another school trip) anyway, it's UPDATE TIME!!! woo hoo! got a new fic up on the funky fanfic page, added some more reasons to kill relena and basically updated that whole page, and um...i guess that's it. Oh, i forgot, if anyone knows where i can find Gwing subtitled, PLEEEEEEEEZZEEE tell me. i guess that's it.

11.17.00- Ok, i haven't really updated for awhile, but i will soon ( i know i'm taking forever on the episode summaries, but i WILL get 'em done, and for all the ppl who have asked, I do plan on dong endless waltz stuff now that i've actually seen it) just not now. I'm going to be out of town for a week. ( NYC baybe YEAH!!!!!! ) since people are actually visiting my site, I guess i better get my ass a-movin'.

11.03.00- Updated again. I now have the funky fanfic page up. check it out. and um, that's about all i did as of yet, but i have lots of time on my hands this weekend, so i'll be messing with things. enjoy

10.27.00- I'm just updating stuff for the hell of it because i'm grounded (again) and can't do anything else. ANyway, on to more important stuff, I actually got to give out one of my awards! wow, actual PEOPLE are visiting this site. KEWL!!! anyway, i put the little link on the awards page, so check it out.

10.21.00- Yes, i know i haven't updated in ages. Sorry! But it's last week of the term and i had to work my little butt off. Plus, i'm working on episode summaries. I swear i'll get 'em done!

10.13.00- i'm baaaaack. From what i can tell, ChibiNoin didn't destroy my site. ^_^ releived. obi wan has taught her well.

10.08.00-finally updated the funny page ( couldn't do it earlier because i was grounded :P ) and I'm also gonna be out of town next week for a school trip, so (against my better judgement), I'm leaving ChibiNoin in charge. Something's telling me I'm gonna have to do some major damage control when I get back...

9.30.00-did some more updates, primarily on the funny page, the charachter profiles, and some other stuff, since it's friday night and i've got some time on my hands

9.20.00- won an award from Hilde's Realm!!!! (check it out, it's a kewl site)*note* i moved the award to my awards page ^_^

9.11.00- Worked out (most of) the bugs.


9.4.00- the first day I actually got anything done on this